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JIANGSU XZLINER. has been deeply engaged in the international logistics industry for many years, and has a professional service team. The company is mainly engaged in shipping import and export, air import and export, railway import and export and other logistics supply chain business, set freight, customs declaration, warehousing, distribution, packaging and other supporting services in one. The company has developed so far, its service outlets have covered all major ports in the country, and its business chain has spread to all major ports, airports or cities in the world. We use expert service standards to help you grow your foreign trade business rapidly and control the logistics process more easily.

Professional achievements and development, relying on the company's price advantages and service advantages, our business from the traditional India-Pakistan route & West Africa line has expanded to Europe and the Americas line, we can be very proud to say that our business service scope has been all over the world, to undertake all kinds of FOB, DDU, DDP, EXWORK and other door-to-door logistics services.
xzliner International Logistics cherishes every encounter or cooperation with you, professional, cooperation, development and win-win.

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The company has more than 700 contract transport vehicles all over the country, including flat semi-trailer, high truck, van, semi-closed car, refrigerated truck, special transport vehicle and its own small distribution truck, with sufficient transportation support capacity. The company has established long-term strategic partnership with many large and medium-sized enterprises. With rigorous operation system and continuous improvement of service network, we are dedicated to providing our customers with safe, fast, professional and accurate logistics services