Service advantage
Transport capacity
The company registered capital of 10 million, with liberation, Dongfeng, Isuzu light format transport vehicles, engaged in domestic transport services
Logistics service
The company has advanced information system, visible throughout the process, so that you can grasp the progress of no single business at any time, strict system to eliminate errors and accidents
Team member
The company has a strong competitive operation team, many years engaged in cargo transportation services across the country, has a rigorous transportation organization team
Service support
Dare to do small profit is the picture
To do things that others cannot do, we should do every little thing well, do it carefully and do it deeply; Plugging the loopholes in each link is not simply the pursuit of greater profits, but the pursuit of greater customer value Melt. The company has a strong competitive, professional operation team.
Huge market resources
With multi-temperature control combined transportation, distribution capabilities and differentiated services of transportation products and models, has a rigorous transportation organization, is a supply chain integration of professional transportation company. well-supported Cargo transportation, onshore resources, the overall strength of overseas institutions, extend and improve logistics supply chain management, with its unique project management and service to win the trust of customers.
No micro does not serve the micro
Focus on the big picture, start small, do not do small things; Service from the small to the big, the flash in the fine. Distribution capacity and differentiated service transportation products and modes, with a rigorous transportation team Weaving, is a supply chain integration of professional transport company.